Step 5 – Upload Docs and/or Craft Custom Contracts

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Step 5 – Upload Docs and/or Craft Custom Contracts

Crafting a personalized contract allows your clients and candidates to input information into designated fields, streamlining and optimizing your onboarding process. Follow these steps to create and manage personalized contracts:

  1. Create a Template in Resources:
    • Navigate to the Documents Tab from the left-side main menu.
    • Select RESOURCES.
    • Click on ADD TEMPLATE.
    • Provide a name, description, and template content.
  2. Customize with Drag-and-Drop Values:
    • Utilize the drag-and-drop feature for easy incorporation of fields such as initials, names, signatures, dates, and fill-in-the-blank spaces.
    • Enhance versatility by inserting images and hyperlinks as needed.
  3. Complete the Template:
    • Add relevant images and hyperlinks using the dedicated icons.
    • Incorporate drop-and-drop values for applicants to input information manually.
    • Include signature boxes and date stamps for a comprehensive contract.
  4. Save Your Template:
    • Click on ADD to save your customized contract/document template.

To send these documents:

  • Navigate to the e-sign tab.
  • Search for the desired applicant.
  • Track document views, openings, and signatures to stay informed about the progress.

See below the step-by-step images.

Navigate to the Resources and create a template.

Next, build your document.

Send your document using the E-sign Tab on the main menu.

This is how the client/candidate will view the email and document sent by your NannyLogic Platform.

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