Security Policy

Last updated: August 20, 2019


The NannyLogic Web App was designed and engineered utilizing
the latest in web technology, with security and scalability in mind, as well as with ensuring current web
standards for ease of use and maximum compatibility across multiple web


NannyLogic is hosted in the cloud using GoDaddy servers running on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL,
PHP) stack configuration. All technology used, including new features and code versions are routinely updated and maintained during prescheduled after-hours windows which do not affect business hours functionality.
Site Specifications:

  • Operating System: Linux
  • MySQL: 5.6.39
  • PHPMyAdmin: 4.7.7
  • PHP Version: 7.2.6
  • Storage: Unlimited

Site Access:

NannyLogic is accessible via any online connected computer using a modern browser such as Chrome over SSL. Agencies may only access their own data by loggin into the NannyLogic Portal at using their own custom URL as the suffix. Access to other agency URLs are prohibited and enforced problematically by the NannyLogic system.

NannyLogic Version:

The NannyLogic Web App was designed by NannyLogic, Inc. with minimal use of
open source libraries. The layout and features were built modularly to provide a scalable
foundation upon which to iterate and build new features.

  • NannyLogic Current Version: v1.0

Open Source Libraries:

  • Bootstrap CSS – minimally used
  • Chart.js – for the dashboard graphs
  • Google Fonts – for the site fonts
  • Font awesome – for the icons used throughout

Custom Implementations:

  • Designer – Jim Baxter
  • CSS, & Graphics
  • Developer – Jim Baxter
  • HTML, PHP, JavaScript, & AJAX
  • DB Architect/ Backend Administrator – Jim Baxter
  • MySQL, Apache, Linux, GoDaddy


  • The login for your agency portal utilizes MD5 encryption for storing and entering passwords to
    ensure a high degree of security.
  • SSL is utilized on all data in transit.
  • All data is backed up daily by GoDaddy.
  • No data is ever shared to any other entity other than to your own agency by authorization of your Agency’s designated admin user.

Business Continuity:

NannyLogic is a corporation that intends to remain in business indefinitely and in perpetuity regardless of officer and/or founder membership and departures. All officers and employees of NannyLogic will be replaced as necessary when a required officer or employee role is vacated in order to ensure the continuous administration of all business functions serving clients, employees, agencies and other dependent third parties who may rely on the data accessed through NannyLogic.

All data entered into NannyLogic by an agency belongs to that agency only. Upon notice of termination by an agency, the agency’s data will be made available to the departing agency immediately in the form of a SQL backup file, and will remain available up to 90 days if needed. No other provisions or services will be provided to import or restore the agency’s SQL data to another environment or system outside of NannyLogic.

If you have any questions, please contact us at,